Results for Employment Matters

Wrongful Termination 

Female Employee notified her Employer that she was pregnant. Less than One week later that Employer terminated the Female Employee. GTG Law was able to secure a settlement after filing the lawsuit on behalf of the Employee for $55,000.00.

Wrongful Termination 

An African-American Client was terminated by his employer for "threatening" demeanor after not accepting an employer-offered severance package.  After a thorough investigation by GTG Law, it was determined that the Client was terminated wrongfully because of his disability, and suffered, on an on-going basis, race discrimination from co-employees that the employer took no action after repeatedly being notified by our Client.  Without filing a lawsuit, GTG Law secured a settlement for our Client for $90,000.00. 

A Female City Employee suffered harassment, discrimination, and retaliation by her immediate supervisor. Supervisor would make negative sexual jokes, derogatory sexual references about Female City Employee and ignored requests made by Female City Employee relating to her job duties. Female City Employee complained about this conduct to the Department Head, who did nothing and instead condoned Supervisor's conduct. Female City Employee hired GTG Law to advocate for her rights. GTG Law secured a $150,000.00 settlement prior to filing a lawsuit.

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